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Programme Information

April 2021 CX MoU 2021 (draft pending CX Partner signature)
April 2021 CX Net Zero Carbon, Energy and Innovation Park (2031)
Jan 2020 CX Team Briefing (draft for discussion)
May 2020 CX Stakeholder Briefing Pack
Apr 2020 CX Stakeholder Guidance Note (CX Programme Letter of Support)
Jan 2020 DGC Council Report (CX programme progress update to Economy and Resources Committee)
Sept 2019 CX Programme Mandate
Sep 2019 DGC Council Report (Decision to approve CX Programme Mandate) Full Report - scroll to item 8
Jun 2019 Chapelcross Site Transformation Route Map
Mar 2017 CX Partner MoU
Nov 2014 [EXAMPLE] 2014 Sponsor the programme - Borders Railways

Programme Best Practice

2011 Managing Successful Programmes Framework Benefits White Paper 2011
2011 Managing Successful Programmes Process Model
2011 Managing Successful Programmes 2011 Overview Brochure
JUN 2019 A short “ plain English” guide to assessing business cases
JUN 2019 A checklist for assessing business cases
2018 Business case guidance for programmes
2018 The Green Book- appraisal and evaluation in Central Government
JUL 2020 HC125 - Delivering the Governments Infrastructure Commitments Through Major Projects
AUG 2011 Delivery Confidence Guide for Review Teams

Stakeholder Workshops

Jun 2020 London CX Programme Webinar - CX SOBC call to action/LoS
May 2020 CX Thematic Webinars (Energy & Transport; Utilities; Economic Growth, Resources and Skills)
Feb 2020 Glasgow CX Opportunities Workshop Report
Feb 2020 CX Workshop Delegate Information Pack

National Policy Drivers and References

June 2021 The UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC) Progress Report 2021 - emissions
June 2021 The UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC) Progress Report 2021
2021 Scottish Government Energy Networks Vision Summit
JULY 2010 Annan Regeneration Masterplan Report - DGC July 2010
NOV 2020 UK Government: The Ten Point Plan for a Green Revolution
2015 The Economic of Google's Data Centre in Belgium
2017 Finland's Economic Opportunities from Data Centre Investments 2017
JAN 2020 Chapelcross (CX) Site Transformation - Progress Update
2020 Guidance on Equalities in Inclusive Growth for OBCs
2018 Business case guidance for projects
DEC 2011 Managing successful programmes (MSP)- a basic overview (white paper)
MAR 2019 Scottish Government - Vision Scotlands Electricity Gas Networks Summary 2019-2030
SEPT 2019 DGC Climate Declaration – ERCR Appendix 1
SEPT 2020 DGC Climate Declaration- ERCR Appendix 2
SEPT 2019 DGC Climate Declaration – Economy and Resources Committee Report (ERCR)
OCT 2019 Climate Emergency Day 1 - Session 1-3 (Cllr Archie Dryburgh)
July 2020 NDA local social and economic impact strategy
Nov 2019 DGC LDP 2 Planning Guidance (Chapelcross Development Framework)
Jul 2015 A vision for the future of Chapelcross (Charette appendices)
July 2015 A vision for the future of Chapelcross (Charette report)


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