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CX Project is supported by

Gretna Regeneration

The Gretna Regeneration Master plan is a 15 to 20 year programme of work and contains schemes designed to enhance the town and create an attractive environment for residents and visitors alike.

The Gretna Regeneration Master plan contains 11 projects designed to enhance the town. Gretna is a gateway to Dumfries and Galloway and the whole of Scotland. The projects from the Master plan have been developed through the support of the CX Project's Gretna, Lockerbie and Annan Project Officer working with the Gretna Regeneration Steering Group. This group is made up of elected representatives and business representatives.

Gretna Projects & Status

Central Avenue Gretna
A £1.1 million makeover of Gretna's town centre is now underway. The scheme is being funded by Dumfries & Galloway Council and P1 Solutions have been awarded the contract to carry out the improvement work.

Gretna Local History Project
Gretna as a town has very rich history, particularly the pivotal role it played in the manufacture of munitions during the First World War. The value of this history was recognised in the Master plan and the local community responded by developing and obtaining funding for a series of heritage walks and supporting signage. This project is now complete.

Richard Greenhow Centre
The Gretna Master plan identified the Richard Greenhow Centre as being very important not just as a community facility but also as an important building right at the heart of the town. The building has undergone an £800,000 refurbishment enhancing the service it provides but also the external appearance.

Pedestrian, Cycle, Transportation and Signing
Work is yet to commence on this project which look at how people can access the centre of Gretna other than by car. It will follow on from the work being undertaken in 2015 in the Central Avenue area.

Public Art
The Master plan recognises the value of public art as way of making the town more attractive and explaining its history. The work to public spaces opens up the opportunity for new pieces of the public art and the community are taking these forward.

Future Public Works Strategy
The Gretna Master plan is a long term programme of work and will take many years to complete. It includes a range of future projects such as areas for landscaping and tree planting, improvements specific areas such as Glasgow Road and Gretna Loaning. These will be developed as resources allow.