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    Working on the future development
    of the chapelcross nuclear site


CX Project is supported by

Annan Regeneration

The Annan Master plan was produced in 2010 after extensive consultation with local residents. Master plan is designed as long term (15 to 20 year) plan of action designed to make Annan a better place to live, work and visit.

The production of the Master plan was overseen by the Annan Regeneration Steering Group, which is made up of councillors from Dumfries and Galloway Council, Annan Community Council as well as representatives of local community organisations and businesses. Don Taylor, our Gretna, Lockerbie and Annan Project Officer is working with this group on the development of projects. With Don's support, the Steering Group regularly reviews the Master plan and the work programme.

Annan Projects & Status

Annan Riverside Gateway
The Annan Riverside Gateway project is now complete. It creates a distinctive point of arrival to the town of Annan including new Gateway columns built from local sandstone.

Annan Station Gateway
Annan Station is a key arrival point for business and tourism visitors coming to the town. Annan Station Gateway is complete and includes new tree planting, car parking areas, traffic improvements and landscaping. It fulfils its objective of creating a positive first impression of the town.

Annan High Street Project
Annan High Street Project is a major scheme aims to work with the local community to design a programme of enhancements to the High Street that will help contribute to the vibrancy of the town. The project is currently in development.

Chapelcross Development Framework
The de - commissioning of the Chapelcross Power Station site has been identified as an opportunity to attract new businesses to the area and enable local business to expand. Work is underway on a plan to put the infrastructure in place to ensure that the site is the first choice for businesses looking for development sites.

Annan Historic Buildings Strategy
Annan has a number of historic buildings that are at risk or are underused. Work is underway partners to ensure that these buildings are saved by finding sustainable new uses and exploring opportunities for funding.

Annan Living Over the Shop
The Annan Master plan raises the opportunity to create new residential space over shops in the town. The extent of this opportunity is being explored.

Annan Northern Gateway
The success of the Annan Riverside Gateway has resulted in work being undertaken to design new sandstone Gateways for the northern approach to the town.

Annan Broadband Trial
Annan Broadband Trial was one of the largest trials of its type ever attempted. The project was a success and the lessons learnt are being shared so that they can be applied in other areas.

Annan Community Hub
This is a project designed to create a new community hub in the centre of Annan. It is at a development stage.

Annan Harbour
Annan Harbour Action Group has been established by Annan Regeneration Steering Group. This community group is very active in attracting funding and support to promote the harbour area for tourism and leisure uses.

Annandale Distillery
Annandale Distillery is a major private sector tourism development which opened in November 2014.The CX Project team has supported this project from the outset which has seen private sector investment of over £10 million