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Climate Consideration 205- BBC Energy Briefing

2050 Climate Commitment Considerations

The role that “green energy production, storage and distribution and the site’s contribution to zero carbon targets” within  emerging business case  could play in addressing Climate Commitment targets on a local, regional, national and international scale could be a game changer.

The Chapelcross programme has the potential to complement and directly collaborate in the development and implementation of local, regional, national and international scale plans to achieve our shared zero carbon targets. This presentation helps to put this into a context well beyond the red line that defines the Chapelcross site boundary.

Supplying energy for our everyday lives reliably and affordably has always been a key goal of government policy.  But the UK’s commitment to do so while almost completely eliminating carbon emissions over the next three decades poses an unprecedented challenge for government, business and individuals.  BBC Briefing explores how that challenge can be met. 

The details in this Briefing were correct in November 2019