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Emerging CX vision

The evolving CX Vision

The high level CX programme objectives are to:

  • Support the development of green energy production, storage and distribution solutions 
  • Make a significant contribution to the UK and Scottish Government’s net-zero targets. 
  • Create a large-scale mixed-use employment site for Borderlands with significant wider economic and policy impacts
  • Maintain 100% beneficial use of the site over the full decommissioning period (in line with Energy Act 2004) and beyond.

The CX Pillars are:

  • Green Energy & Net Zero Industry Cluster
  • Sustainable Agriculture/Aquaculture & Food
  • Clean Mobility & Logistics
  • Education, Skills & Training for the Just Transition
  • Digital Connectivity and Data Services’

CX Programme Foundations are delivered through the programme mandate delivery of first programme stage with Critical Success Factors:

  • Critical success factors for next stage relate to the delivery of the step change in commitment, collaboration and focus needed to address historical factors which inhibited progress and set the development of the programme business case on a course for success over the short, medium and longer term.
  • We need to focus on the short-term factors to create an appropriate foundation on which to build the programme business case. This is best done through robust delivery of the first stage programme management activities, as required by this mandate, namely:
  • Sponsor the CX programme (including updating the CX MoU 2017)
  • Confirm the CX programme mandate 
  • Appointing the CX SRO and a competent CX programme board 
  • Produce the CX programme brief (CX SOBC) 
  • Develop the CX programme preparation plan (PPP) 
  • Carry out an independent review (in advance of requesting approval for the next stage)
  • Secure approval to proceed to the next programme stage

This initial list of critical success factors will be developed by the CX programme board and approved by CX sponsors.

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