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The CX Site Transformation Route-map(2095)

The CX Site Transformation Route-map(2095)

The CX Route-map is a strategic planning tool which the Partnership is using translate their goals and ambitions for the into a long term strategic plan. 

The “2095” timescale is a reference to the NDA’s aim to complete the staged decommissioning and release the full 210ha site for development or beneficial  community use.

The value of a “route-map” became evident within the April 19 Cold Eyes Review. The Review considered  the transformation journey, partner contributions and resulting progress since the nuclear power plant closure in 2004. 

The Review has helped to learn from our experiences to date and to reset the CX Partnerships perception of the transformation opportunity. A key lesson learnt was to secure agreement from all for a need in a step change in their approach to collaboration, focus and commitment before going forward.

The panels within the diagram help to collect key stakeholder information within a single page as a reference for   short, medium and longer term planning. The 

  • The short term relates to the period of the 10-15 year Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal. The Growth Deal will provide funding to unlock the site through improved access from A74 junction 20 to the site and new site infrastructure. The CX SOBC ( strategic outline business case) business case assumes that 60ha will be available for development, however discussions with the NDA indicate that this may increase to  160ha within the Growth Deal period
  • The medium term  relates to building on the  programme foundation put in place within the first phase to support the national net zero targets in 2045 and 2050.
  • The longer term  extends beyond 2045/50 and includes the full site decommissioning in 2095 and beyond
    The Site transformation Journey from 1959 to 2095 and beyond is summarised at the foot of the diagram.

From left to right this shows:

  • The CX Magnox Power Plant operational lifetime – 1959-2004
  • CX Initial decommissioning and  regeneration activities – 2004-2018
  • The emergence of the Borderlands Growth Deal and the drafting of the initial CX SOBC in 2018- within the red dash line
  • Re-setting of transformation of the full 210ha CX site over the short, medium and longer term timeline, with a Council approved Mandate and best practice programme management – within the green box

The programme key events or stages within the programme journey are named within the green box, as follows:

  • The CX programme mandate secured Full Council approval to deploy the cold eyes review recommendations to deploy a formal programme in September 2019
  • The “identify a programme” stage is the first stage within the adopted Managing Successful Programmes lifecycle and is delivered primarily through the CX SOBC and other named Mandate Critical Success Factors – we have completed the CX SOBC
  • We are now making arrangement to progress with the “defining the programme stage” – the first part of this stage will be delivered through the CX OBC (outline business case) which will deliver the infrastructure design for the unlocking of the site and the develop the programme definition, as required by the OBC.
  • The balance of the “defining the programme” is then completed together with the final business case to secure the procurement of the infrastructure works
  • The “advanced works” box captures enabling works for the programme, such as the infrastructure works required to unlock the site.
  • The arrangements for the “manage the tranches” phase and the linked “tranche delivery”, together with the nature of the delivery vehicle for the programme will be defined within the second stage of “define the programme”
  • Programme stages which extend beyond the short term will be agreed through the programme board during 10-15 years of the Growth Deal

To the right of the green box can be found the Pillars of Success model.  This diagram appears as a building with foundations; supporting columns and a roof comprising the CX programme objectives and the emerging CX vision. This is described in detail within the business case. The pillars of success provide underpinning detail of the business case view of a potential enabling role of the site. The 5 pillars are: 

  • Green energy and net zero cluster
  • Sustainable Agriculture, Aquaculture and Food
  • Clean Mobility and Logistics
  • Education, Skills and Training for the Just Transition
  • Digital Connectivity and Data Services

Development of the pillar themes will drive the development of the programme definition within the OBC production.

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