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Annandale Distillery

David Thomson and Teresa Church acquired the Distillery in 2007 with the objective of restoring the distillery and re - introducing an Annandale Lowland Malt whisky after a break of more than 90 years.

annandale distillery


Annandale Distillery can trace its roots back to 1830 when former exciseman George Donald established a "model" farm distillery. In 1883 the lease passed to a John Gardiner, a former Mayor of Liverpool, before passing in 1893 to John Walker and Sons of "Johnnie Walker" fame. It continued production until shortly after the end of the First World War.


In 2011 the new owners established contact with Dumfries and Galloway Council. The Council immediately recognised the value and potential of the distillery and the CX Project Officer has acted as a vital link, providing support in a number of ways The junction between the access road and the main road is in need of improvement to facilitate visitors. The Council has been able to re profile planned highways investment in order to bring forward the improvements required. The CX Project Officer has been involved in facilitating the legal arrangements with required to enable these works to proceed.

The complex nature of the project has meant that the developers have had to interface with a range of public sector bodies, not just the Council. In order to facilitate this, the CX Project Officer has taken up a liaison role and a special project group of key officers was established under the Chair of the Council's Business and Enterprise Manager. On - going support to the distillery includes the development of a visitor centre, obtaining advice on resource efficiency and supporting efforts to obtain supplies of sandstone required to complete the restoration of such a historic building.

David Thomson, owner of Annandale Distillery said "The CX Project has enthusiastically supported our development from the outset and, as well as providing direct support, has acted as a vital link with local stakeholders and agencies".


Watch the video created by Annandale TV; click on the image or logo below

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