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The Lockerbie Regeneration Master plan was produced in 2013 following consultation with the local community.

The plan contains 16 projects designed to support the vibrancy of the town. These cover town centre enhancements, sport and leisure, development opportunities, transport, signage, marketing, broadband and wifi, training and apprenticeships and inward investment.

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lockerbie Projects & Status

Last Update 04/12/2014

lockerbie masterplan

Lockerbie Town Square Project

This project was completed in 2014 and delivered its objective of creating a high quality public space at the heart of the town. In addition the Town Square has acted as a catalyst for further regeneration in the town centre.

Shop Front Improvement Scheme

The Lockerbie Master plan identifies that good quality shop fronts can make a town centre more attractive to shoppers. The Council can help with their Shop Front Scheme with grants of up to 5,000. Don, our Project Officer can help with applications.

Lockerbie Regeneration Steering Group

A Regeneration Steering Group will be set up in due course in order to oversee the delivery of projects from the Master plan.

Lockerbie Sports Campus

The Master plan recognises that there are aspirations for the development of sports facilities in the town. However, in times when funding is limited, there are opportunities to find economies by sharing facilities. This project will need to be moved forward by the sports groups.

Town Hall Hub

The Master plan identifies the Town Hall as being a potential Hub facility in the Town Centre. This project will depend upon the outcome of the Council review of service delivery.

Brownfield and Building Conversion Opportunities

Don, our Project Officer, is working on three projects designed to find new uses for buildings which are currently derelict.

Making Connections

This project is concerned with making the most of Lockerbie's road and rail connections. It will be taken forward through the Local Transport Plan for Dumfries and Galloway

Town Centre Parking Improvements

The Master plan recognises that Lockerbie serves a rural community and most journeys are made by car. As a result car parking provision is very important. This project will be taken forward through the Local Transport Plan for Dumfries and Galloway.

Town Welcome Signage

This is to create high quality and branded signage for Lockerbie. This is a medium to long term project.

Lockerbie Web Based Marketing

The Master plan calls for Lockerbie's tourism assets through web based marketing. Tourism opportunities in Dumfries and Galloway are promoted on a regional basis.

M74 Tourism Signage

Signage from the M74 would help promote the town as a tourism destination and service hub. This project will need to be taken forward by local businesses.

Lockerbie Activity Gateway

Lockerbie is great base for activity holidays including angling, walking, cycling and mountain biking. These activities are promoted through the regional tourism marketing.

Green Networks Links

This is a medium to long term project designed to link up pedestrian routes to extend the amount of time the visitors spend locally by encouraging them to explore the town and the surrounding area.

Apprenticeships and Training Initiatives

The Lockerbie Master plan recognises that employment opportunities for young people are vital if they are not move away. Skills Development Scotland and the Council's Employability and Skills team are helping businesses take up apprenticeship opportunities.

Town Centre Wi Fi

This is a medium term project that will enable residents, visitors and businesses to make the most of the roll out of Next Generation Broadband to Dumfries and Galloway.

Strategic Inward Investment

Lockerbie is home to a number of highly successful businesses, many operating internationally. There are opportunities to attract new business to the town and develop "clusters". Development sites in the M74 corridor have been identified. Dumfries and Galloway Council and Scottish Enterprise are working together to take advantage of these opportunities.

Lockerbie Regeneration Masterplan

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