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Employee Information

The aim of the CX Project is to provide area-specific and intensified business support to start up and existing businesses, to boost the local economy in the Annandale and Eskdale area and help mitigate the impact of the de-commissioning at Chapelcross.

This website will help you to keep up to date with news and events taking place which might provide you with employment and training opportunities.

This secure page is only open to Chapelcross employees and as we work with more businesses who are looking to grow or relocate to this area, we hope to bring you advance notice of forthcoming jobs.

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Last Flask of Fuel Leaves Chapelcross

Magnox Ltd Chapelcross has achieved a major milestone in the site's lifetime when on Tuesday 26 February 2013 the last flask of fuel elements left the site for reprocessing at Sellafield. In the last year all four reactors have been completely defueled, beating the original target of June 2013 by 4 months, and the revised NDA target of March 2013, six weeks ahead of schedule.

John Grierson, Chapelcross Site director said, "I am very proud that the site achieved the target, which was key for the NDA and testament to the quality of personnel at Chapelcross".

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Flexible Government Funded Training Programme

The Employability Fund, operated by Skills Development Scotland offers a flexible, outcome focused training programme funded by the Scottish Government . It allows staff who are facing voluntary severance or unemployment to undertake training to help them secure future employment.

Eligibility to the programme is for an individual who is within 3 months of their notified date of redundancy. The training identified must match a demand in the labour market, or have proof of a job offer if the particular qualification is attained.

If the training required is not available in Dumfries & Galloway,funding may be provided to allow the training to be undertaken elsewhere. Certain conditions do apply.

To learn more about the programme and your particular need contact Shirley Jones on Tel No 07795 800658 or email