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You might have an established business in the Annandale and Eskdale area of Dumfries & Galloway that you would like to run a little better.

Some of the business practices and processes that served you well in an earlier stage of development would benefit from being updated. The CX Project can offer you a Business Health Check.

costs pricing

Examining your costs and pricing

Are you paying more and charging less than you should be? In today's quickly changing market it pays to re-examine your costs and the price you charge.

devolp your business

Develop your workforce

Well trained staff know their roles and what is expected from them. This releases you to concentrate on areas where you can add most value.

business processes

Make the Most of New Technology

Technology has moved on significantly in the last few years. Are there tasks within your business which are time-consuming and repetitive which could be made easier with new technology? Could you make savings on energy?

make more of your customers

MakE more of your Customers

It takes a lot of effort and investment to win new customers who are unfamiliar with your product and business. Are you looking after and selling to your existing clients?

secure your business

Secure your business

You business might have significant assets such as stock and premises which you already take steps to protect. But what about IT and data assets? Do you have contingency plans to make sure business is not disrupted if a major problem arises?

Your Contact Point

So if you would like your business in Annandale and Eskdale to benefit from a Business Health Check, then please get in touch.

CX Project team have a wealth of experience in helping small and medium businesses to expand and grow

If you want to check that your business is in good shape why not contact us at or on 01387 080738.