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Business Growth

As your business becomes more successful you may want to look for new opportunities and it's important that you continue developing your products and services to stay ahead of your competitors.

This might mean different premises, additional equipment and machinery or growing and developing your workforce. A new marketing strategy should play an important part in growing your business. If you are based in the Annandale and Eskdale area of South West Scotland we at the CX Project can help you.

business growth

Planning your business Growth Strategy

It's wise to take the time to carry out an objective assessment of your business, have a clear sense of direction, recognise some of the challenges which come with new opportunities and understand how to overcome them. We can help guide you to develop new ideas and put together a growth strategy and clear action plan.

Planning a Strategy for Business Growth

devolp your business

Grow and Develop your Workforce

Small business owners have to do the lot: marketing, generating sales, stock control, finance, business planning, the list goes on. As it grows the business needs to employ people and you need to develop your leadership skills. We can help you identify the training you are looking for and we may be able to help find grant funding towards the costs.

Training Opportunities

marketing plan

Create a Marketing Plan

It's important for all businesses to have a comprehensive marketing plan and expanding your business will probably mean you need to take a fresh look at what you are doing. A well defined marketing plan can help you to be clear about what activities are working and which need to change.

Help with Your Marketing Plan

business premises

New Business Premises

As the business expands your current premises might inhibit your growth. The CX Project has strong links with estate agents and letting agents in Annandale and Eskdale as well as access to unadvertised premises. If you would like our help to find a suitable location and get the right planning advice, follow the link for more information.

Business Premises

business funding

Please note that the grant funding has now ceased for the CX Project.

Please contact Business Gateway for further support and advice on 01387 808738.

Your Contact Point

So if you want to grow your business in Annandale and Eskdale then we can help you. Have a look at some of our case studies to see the work we have done so far.

CX Project team have a wealth of experience in helping small and medium businesses to expand and grow.

You can contact us at or on 01387 808738.